Our Story

Our Story

The name:

iMazi is the Nguni word for cow. Nguni cattle are viewed as a symbol of sustainable wealth, status and prosperity. The cattle are known for their adaptability, fertility and excellent inherent resistance to disease. In the past, one’s wealth was measured by the size of their herd. A Mazi grows and produces offspring; in investment terms this implies growth in capital. It produces milk on a regular basis, which implies dividends. The Mazi can then be sold at the end, realising a capital gain. This signifies a great investment.

Mazi’s founder, Malungelo Zilimbola, tells how it all began:

My initial experience in the investment world came from building a solid track record in the division of Investec Asset Management and later at the RMB Asset Management division as a Senior Portfolio Manager. With the wealth of experience I had gained I felt I was ready to venture out on my own.

What drove me to start my own business was a vision close to my heart of showcasing black talent in the financial services industry.  I wanted to manifest to the world that we can manage money and be brilliant at it. Looking back at the asset management industry in the late 1990’s I realised that transformation was dragging along and I wanted to grab the bull by the horns and get involved.  Mazi Capital was borne as a platform for driving transformation whilst not compromising on excellence and investment returns for clients’ hard-earned savings.

That dream of creating a home for black talent has come to fruition. We now have twelve black professionals on our team, and the number continues to grow. They have diverse qualifications as actuaries, engineers, mathematicians, accountants and statisticians. 

A decade after the company’s founding in 2006, the excellent standards we demand of ourselves are paying off. Mazi has won the Raging Bull Award, Morningstar Award, ABSIP Best Performing Fund Manager. We look forward to the next decade as we become a force to be reckoned with in the asset management space by maintaining our consistent performance while building on the solid foundation we have already established.

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