Institutional Investors

Institutional Investors


Mazi runs a team-based investment approach. All Mazi products are managed by the same team using the same research platform and processes. In so doing, we allow ideas to cross pollinate across different asset classes and sectors.  This collective mentality helps increase efficiency in the overall investment process, boost morale, and contributes to the sustainability of a performance-led company culture.

Listed Equities

  • Local Listed Equities
  • Africa Listed Equities

Listed Property

  • Local Listed Property Fund
  • Global Property Fund

Hedge Funds

  • Market Neutral Fund
  • Long Short Fund
  • Multi Strategy Fund

Multi Asset Class Funds

  • Balance Funds ( Regulation 28)
  • Medical Aid Funds ( Reg 30)

Fixed Income

  • Money Market
  • Income Fund
  • Specialist Bonds
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